Friday, June 17, 2011

Palgantong BB Cream + Theatrical Powder Review

 Palgantong Morning Set:
Palgantong BB Cream + Theatrical Powder
パルガントン- パルガントン モーニングセット
let's try it~
First thoughts:
Palgantong is a brand that originated in Korea but flourished in Japan. Because of my love of another Korean based brand (Etude House) I thought I'd give this a go.
When I first opended the seal I was unpleasently surprised by my little tube of BB cream suddenly deciding to pull a Mt. St. Helens. Cream started oozing out like no tomorrow, though I wasn't putting any pressure on the bottle... So not a good start
This little disaster let me get aquanted with the consistacy of this bb cream (runny) as well as the colour.. Which is kind of perfect for me. Almost a little too perfect.

The Results:
now you see it...
And probably the most useless before and after ever
Left: before                                      Right: after

As you can see it pretty much just brightened my complection. Any redness is barely subdued and freckles aren't really covered at all! A good thing is it is very lightweight, it hardly feels like I'm wearing anything at all... of course it also looks that way
 It does take my bags away a bit but the coverage is sheer at best. Though it evened my skin tone and helped my pores it didn't cover anything in darker pigment then the cream. It covered over the white scare on my forehead and the redness gets maybe a little lighter but notice the freckles remain unchanged.
My skin did look brighter and dewy, but this could be because the BB cream is pretty oily rather then the pigment. Since I have very dry skin this is a big plus for me. Usually I avoid this sort of makeup because it dries me out so quickly.


The Morning set comes with a pink poof that you can use for your powder, but once again using it really isn't too practical... At least you have a friend now.

BFF 4life

I can't get a good picture of this stuff on my skin. == "Pearl Beige" has a little sparkle to it. It's not too distracting and the powder melts and blends into my skin about as perfectly as the cream. However combining the BB cream and Theatrical powder really doesn't improve the coverage. I would only rely on it for adding brightness and setting your face.

Good for people who already have good skin and just want some lightweight coverage for minor problems+brighning. It's an ok way to cover up a night of drinking and no sleep. But if you have redness, or imperfections that you are trying to hide I would suggest giving this one a pass... I will be.
+Very lightweight
+Won't dry out your skin
-Sheer coverage, concealer required
-Avoid for oily skin types
-More like a tinted moisturiser then a true BB cream

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