Tuesday, June 14, 2011

My Beauty Diary - Natto Face Mask Review

My Beauty Diary Natto Face Mask
For: All skin types, especially dehydrated, dull skin
My Skin: Dry, super sensitive
Mask Type: Sheet Mask

First Thoughts:
I've used My Beauty Diary mask before and really like them because they've never given my sensitive skin any problems.
While I was using the natto face mask I felt a bit of stinging on the most sensitive parts of my face (eyes, chin, cheeks). When I opened the package I noticed the smell of this mask (which isn’t like natto I should add) is kind of ‘musky’ I guess. To be clear the smell isn’t heavy or bad in any way, there is just something about that kind of smell that my skin hates. So I’m pretty sure I’m reacting to the perfume in it… For this reason I only had it on for about 10 min. But despite the stinging there was no redness, it just itched.

The Results:
Though I took it off early I have to say that this left my skin feeling super soft and smooth. My face did feel slightly tighter after using this mask. This lingered for an hour or so after using the mask after using my other face products. My face even looked a little brighter afterwards but not especially more then other masks I’ve tried.

Because of the irritation I’m on the fence about getting the natto mask again. It didn’t leave red marks or cause bumps but I don’t think I'll be using it again. Out of the My Beauty Diary masks I’ve tried so far this has left me feeling the most moisturized but also the only one that has caused any sort of negative reaction. However if you have skin that doesn’t react to perfumed products I would suggest this mask.
+Cheap option for a weekly mask
+Very moisturising
+No natto smell ^^
-Don't expect any dramatic effect
-Not approved for super sensitive skin
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