Monday, June 13, 2011

Mini Haul

Well, after getting all that makeup my little case can not longer hold it all. Time to find a new one
Hope you enjoy your new life as a pencil case Doremon 
But who is taking your place? And why did they bring friends?

All filled up
Isn't this bag just the cutest? They had other colours, I'm probably going to ge them as well. I love to buy cute practical things. They are pretty much guilt free. My problem with buying practical things is that other items always seem to come home with them... and their practicality is often questionable.  This time we have these two tag alongs.   
I love this magazine. The fashions are so cute

Well that's all I got. ^^ How about you guys. Do you have trouble with impulse buys? Also what are your favorite magazines to buy?

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