Thursday, June 16, 2011

KOSE - Cosmagic Sweet Deco Cheek Review

KOSE - Cosmagic Sweet Deco Cheek - Strawberry Pink
First Thoughts:
Have I mentioned I'm a sucker for things in cute packaging? It's kind of pathetic really.
So when I saw this blush came with a little poofy thing...well, how could I resist?
poof poof
The adorable little puff that comes with it is pretty much useless for application. For bothering cats it seems to work very well. It comes with another brush too which you can fit into the case. In the the package this is hidden behind the blush. I assume to shelter the blunt practical truth from people who are easily swayed by pretty things. Touche, KOSE.

One thing I notice is that things can get pretty messy since the colours are all together... so expecting lots of waste/fallout T_T. Lucky the colours are meant to be mixed XD
Also, this blush is super sparkly. 
I've got to rememeber to take pictures BEFORE I start playing with things ==

The Results:

It looks like I have a funny rash.
Top- Cream Pink (from the <3 )
Middle- Shiny Light Pink
Bottom- Shiny Pink

Both the darker pinks are very strongly pigmented, you won't need to use very much. The light pink is almost white. Both the powder blushes are super duper sparkly... how many times can I say that? They really are The blush is very blendable d= so you can decide to use each colour on its own or mix them. You can use the light pink as a highlighter. I find these pinks very cute, they are bright but also natural. The colour also lasted surprisingly long, at the end of a hot day my cheeks were still pink~ And I know it's not a sunburn... unless I've turned into a twilight vampire.

Super cute inside and out~ I really love this blush. The colours are lovely and long lasting, really what more could you ask? Great for anyone who is looking to create girly sweet sparkly cheeks. My only complaint other then the mixing is that the brush lays right on the powder when you put it in the case. Sensitive skin
+Super strong pigment
+Multiple colours
+Flattering shades
+/- Shiny~ (love it or hate it)
-Unintentional mixing


  1. GIMME GIMME GIMME- i love the puff LOL!! :D I´m on a New Rouge Hunt! Can I order this one over Internet?? / Jeanie Beanie ;)

  2. I got this from Right now there is a promotion where if you order another product from KOSE you can get this blush for 11 dollars, so if you are in need of eyeliner/brow brush/mascara as well then it'd be good to cash in on that little deal. I wish the same special had been on when I did XD

  3. Thanks for this review. I was looking to get this. I'd probably just use a separate brush or something.