Monday, June 27, 2011

Happy Birthday To Me + Makeup Try

Hi guys, I was celebrating my bday. This post is slightly older and wiser then the rest.
So for my birthday I went all out on my make... Well all out for me.
I tried out my lashes the other day... I'm not good at putting them on D:
I was so afraid they would fall off.

These are Dolly wink Feminine Style & Vivid Pop.

I need some advice on contouring powder + work on my hair..
 Still not long enough for side bangs.

Tips? Advice?

Birthday meal~

Also my boyfriend made me a cake

Isn't that nice?

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  1. Girl you are supercute in your lashes :D LOL- I know the feeling. My daughter allways goes bananas on me cos I keep asking: Are they still there? first hour I wear them- everytime. Then I use to forget I wear them & can jump high cos I get totally scared seeing something moving on the corner of my eye WAHAHAHA :D Ihave found some really great pages for Hair on the Grow Styles ;D- I got shorter then you & it´s a pain sometimes: & my favourite- this girl is so much fun!!: Hope you could find some inspiration from those videos! Take care pretty Girl! Hugs Jennie