Sunday, June 12, 2011

First Sasa Haul ~~~ヾ(^∇^)

Finally I've had time to enjoy my order~
I'm sad because somehow I deleted my only group shot of it =_= they looked so cute all huddled together. Lesson learned
I'll probably do some reviews of all the stuff I got after I have given them a good trial run. Since this is mt first time ordering from this site I thought I should do a review of it~
I really liked shopping at sasa because they had all the brands I liked in one place. Usually I look on ebay since other places I've looked had really high shipping. Of course with ebay I often wonder if what I'm buying is real D:

The selection on the site is great. They have many brands that I like to use, as well as some I've never heard of (but now am curious to try...) It was kind of hard to stay focused, I had to put in some massive willpower not to put any extras into my basket. HOWEVER this was helped along by the fact that the more popular items are often out of stock (especially the dolly winks ==). But you can have the website mail you when things are back in stock.

I was actually surprised at how cheap things were. For example, assuming I am taking advantage of free shipping there are things I can get cheaper than buying locally. And if you ever see something for less on another site you can use the Price Suggestion button at the bottom of the page to let them know.

If you are in America and order over $75 shipping is free. If you like me fall into "International region 2" (the most expensive one) you need to order $100, <100 is $6 for US but $18 for me so I think I'll always wait until I can spend too much on makeup XD It takes from 2-3 weeks to arrive. Mine came in at just over 2 weeks. But since it's free I don't mind the wait.
This is the first time I've ordered and my package came with no problems, so I can't say anything about customer service. But from what I hear they are good to their customers.

Bottom line:
In my haul preview I showed everything in the bubble wrap it was wrapped in. What I forgot to mention is that it came in a box filled with packing beans And the list of things I ordered taped to the top. Really, in my experience lots of places selling out of Hong Kong for this cheap would just throw it in an envelope. I felt like there was care taken for my stuff, that along with the prices is why I'm going to order from sasa again.
Of course with the ironically(?) high cost of free shipping it'll be a while before I do again.
but onto the fun stuff

What I got:
DOLLY WINK Eyelash No.7 Vivid Pop -Koji
DOLLY WINK Eyelash No.5 Real Nude -Koji
COSMAGIC Sweet Deco Cheek -Kose
Morning Set (3 piece) -Palgantong
SPRING HEART Eyelash Fix x2 -Koji

                                                               And a nice little gift...
It's just a hair clip but I like extras ^^

DOLLY WINK Eyelash No.4 Feminine Style -Koji

DOLLY WINK Eyelash (Natural Girly) -Koji
Taka-Hana Powder (Shiny Beige) -Palgantong36 Color Professional Eye shadow Palette -Cameleon
Eye Tattoo Liner Smooth Brownie Slim Brush -Palgantong

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