Saturday, June 11, 2011

Birthdays + Haul Preview

Yesterday was pretty busy.  I had two birthday parties to go to. The first was my mothers, we had a nice get together with some friends at a little fish and chips place. My mom had a Guinness chocolate soccer ball cake... and not just a cake with a soccer ball on it, but an actual round soccer ball cake! To me it's impressive because it is a homemade cake rather then store bought. Now I'm having ideas to make something like this!
Note the ManU flag... I swear my mom is going to pick up an English accent soon.
Right after I was done at my moms I headed over to the other bday party, which was for a friend of mine. It was at a Korean bar near my house. (Totally has the most awesome bulgogi pizza.) Since I was sleepy from I thought I'd only stay for a beer or two but due to some crazy rain we had (think torrential) I had to stay a lot later then expected. Hence why I'm only up at noon now.
But probably the most exciting thing from yesterday was that one of my packages came! And yayay it is my makeup haul~ On my way to gyaru eyes. But it came litterally as I was leaving the house to go to my mom's party. So I actually haven't even got to open it yet. TT So here is a little teaser.. same as the one I got XD

hmmm I wonder what could be inside?
I'm actually feeling so sick today so I'm kinda lackluster about going through my new makeup since I know it'll be a waste to try any of it on now... Anyone else have to use things as soon as they get them? I get too excited ^^ as soon as I feel better I'll dig out the camera and show you what I got

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  1. Ooooohhh you MUST show us all the great stuff in that packages!! :D I SEEEEE the Dolly Wink You lucky you!!